The Indigo Movement

It came to me in a flash of an idea, of something very beautiful as to mixing the prime color of Indigo with the natural color of canvas. I wanted to make a line of something that could be wearable art, something that could inspire any of us through out the day from being a work of art. I saw the patterns as they transform into pouches and purses, and many more wearables I am working on. The mission is to empower the woman warriors to get through their daily lives and into their goals. This line of dyes is more than just products, they are a MOVEMENT! Every piece is unique, one of a kind. Each one has been dyed with a different pattern, so they is one and only one of each pattern. They are numbered and registered. :)
The Indigo Movement Artwork made to inspire and empower people around the world. Art has a great effect upon humans, and I am here to get people inspired through my art pieces and compositions. The combination of Indigo dyes and canvas is very basic, but so beautiful at the same time, a reflection of how simple things can be and something amazing can come out of it. Enjoy the wearable art pieces, paintings and prints! Spread the love, !The art, The Movement.! Inspire others. :)
Julieta Fumberg -

Custom orders 

Customer orders are prepaid with a 20% fee on top of the price. If you would like any custom piece, please contact me with specifications of what you are looking for. :) 
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